Our Mission

A movement in support of our greatest heroes! We are PATRIOTS honoring and supporting those who serve and protect.

Shop in support of those who serve!

Buy unique, exciting Yes I Did! products from our store and you’ll feel great because:
• You’ll get something you really like. A fun product that creates a positive buzz when people see it.
• With no extra effort or expense, a portion of your purchase will automatically go to patriotic charities and organizations that stand with, serve and support the people and families of our military, police and firefighters.
Buy and give at the same time! Win-win, right?
The organizations we give to are making a real difference in the lives of those who serve---with your help, they can do even more!
Yes I Did! products are unique, fun and guaranteed conversation starters. Buy one. Buy a bunch. Perfect for gifts, family get-togethers or just for the fun of it. Try on a Yes I Did! Stand T-shirt and wait for everyone you meet to ask, “What did you stand for?”
Our products are perfect for special company outings. Charity walks. Sales success celebrations. Corporate team building retreats and more. Business is better when everyone pulls together and says, “Yes I Did! Stand, serve and support our first responders.”
And, of course, this is your chance to show your commitment to your country and community. If anyone asks, you can proudly say:
Yes I Did! Stand up for our military, police and firefighters.
Yes I Did! Serve by helping them and their families.
Yes I Did! Support our first responders. For every product we sell we’ll make a donation to great charities and organizations that help the people who help us every day.